Affiliated companies


Atlas Gen

Atlas Gene Company is one of the largest pharmaceutical factories in Iran, which was established in 1392 and started its activities in the field of import and export and manufacture of pharmaceutical and health products. In the third decade after the victory of the revolution, this company with the brand name ATLASGEN is one of the prominent pharmaceutical factories of the country and is always in the ranks of prominent factories that import, manufacture and supply drugs. In 2018, according to the policies of Atlas Investment Group and efforts to form specialized groups, Atlas Gene Company was separated into two cosmetic, health, and pharmaceutical sectors and an industrial and technical engineering company in the field of steel and metals, and since the same year, the pharmaceutical sector under The title of Atlas Gene Pharmaceutical Company (Special Shares) continued to operate.


Atlas Cafe Restaurant

Atlas restaurant with an area of ​​400 square meters in a two-story hall with a capacity of 200 people in a completely modern and stylish space welcomes dear guests.

The only motivation that made us establish the restaurant was to create a space where families and people want to spend a day or a night eating out, a restaurant that will put healthy food in front of them and have a healthy diet, in order to maintain Environmental health and the use of special design and arrangement and also use quality and organic ingredients in their food. I emphasize that the Atlas restaurant cafe is not the only restaurant in Tehran, but I can claim that all its personnel want to provide the best food with the best quality and health to the customers. Industrial ingredients, sausages and sausages are not used in any of our restaurant’s food, we buy fresh meat and change the oil soon.
We would like people from all walks of life to be present in the restaurant, that’s why we have set the prices according to the ability of different walks of life.
In this restaurant, an annual charity project is implemented alternately.


Atlas Steel Pasargad

Atlas Steel Company of Pasargad has been able to operate in a short period of time since its establishment, by taking advantage of efficient human resources, advanced technology, effective administrative and management structure, effective participation of private sectors, supply and consumption of strategic steel products and spreading public awareness in the region in such a way that it can In order to continue the sustainable and balanced growth and development of the region through the financing of development plans as well as the provision of the required infrastructure, identify all the basic needs, infrastructure and services that are shared in the public and common spaces of the region that are used by all the companies in the region. 

And with the efficiency of the capital and the support of the shareholders, to act on their implementation, which is important, in addition to paying attention to the development of the region’s capacities, it requires an active and dynamic approach by entering new areas.

One of the most important issues that must be seriously put on the agenda at the same time as the expansion and development of the region and the completion of the steel chain:

The largest supplier of raw materials for the steel industry from small and medium mines

Prominent brand in the transportation of minerals

A leader in providing steel services

Presence in regional markets until the horizon of 1404


Atlas Asia Steel

Atlas Asia Steel Company plans to be a leading company in the national and international field of steel industry and related products in the horizon of 1400, conforming to global standards while maintaining environmental issues. Capturing the domestic market and becoming one of the profitable industrial complexes in the field of producing all kinds of steel sections, both construction and industrial, using modern technologies, cultivating capable and experienced human capital, complying with environmental principles and requirements, and protecting the interests of customers. and beneficiaries and adherence to obligations are among the long-term goals of this collection. By using expert and committed human resources and modern knowledge, we seek to create continuous improvement in production processes, continuous improvement of employees’ lives, increasing the satisfaction of our dear customers, fulfilling social responsibilities as well as productivity and finally performing our duties in the best way in the direction of We are the industrial and economic development of our beloved country, Iran


Atlas Pardaz Armita

Atlas Pardaz Armita as a pioneer group in the field of information and communication technology, relying on the ability and experience of the board of directors, the knowledge of its experts and experienced consultants, who are all the most prominent people in the field of IT and ICT in the country, has entered the field of activity and with Taking advantage of young and expert forces who are graduates of the country’s prestigious universities, it is ready to serve its customers with regard to the principle of customer orientation, transformation and innovation.


Golestan Atlas Steel

Golestan Atlas Steel Factory was built and put into operation in 2007 in Bandar Gaz Industrial Estate, Phase II – Gaz City, Golestan Province. Golestan Atlas Steel Factory has created employment opportunities for more than 200 people directly in the production, support and transportation lines in the field of production of products including all types of rebars and steel sections, and by using the development of machinery and domestic and foreign specialist equipment and forces have brought the production rate and quality level of its products to the highest possible point. Plans to export steel products to Asian countries, including Turkmenistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, etc., were included in the list of long-term goals since the establishment of the complex. It is worth mentioning that due to the distance and the high cost of transportation for export to Iraq and Syria, Golestan Atlas Steel decided to provide factory products at a competitive price for export with the help of transportation companies. Put these countries.

It was considered that the Atlas Steel Factory of Golestan could, in addition to meeting the needs of the domestic market for products such as rebar, take over a part of the Asian markets and invest the surplus of its production in the field of export.

The rapid development of the collection and provincial support cannot be ignored, because the establishment of the first steel factory in the entire province can provide employment for the youth of the region and meet the needs of steel and progress in various industries.

Today, Ats Golestan Steel Factory is among the leading entrepreneurs of Golestan province and has succeeded in producing steel sections.