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Atlas Group will become one of the top 10 companies in the country among specialized groups by the year 1409 by using modern and technical methods and the use of experienced, capable and expert manpower.

Pharmaceutical products

Atlas Gen

Entertainment and leisure

Atlas Cafe Restaurant

Clothes industrial

Atlas Telsa

Steel products

Steel factories

The highest level of technology and standardization

Atlas Group is the leader in the localization, support and development of the country's steel industry technology, in line with the highest standards of the world

Steel production factories include Golestan Atlas Steel, Asia Atlas Steel, Steel and Kaveh Atlas Steel.

Now that the responsibility of leading this noble group has been entrusted to me, I assume that I have the utmost gratitude to the dear shareholders and managers. The sustainable development of Atlas Group, protecting the rights of our dear shareholders and supporting the covered collections is one of the most important tasks that I hope to be able to carry out with the help of the Almighty God and with the help of the expert and empathetic team of Atlas Group and to make my small contribution towards the development of the country. Dear Iran, I extend a helping hand to all elders and experts in this regard, and I wholeheartedly accept their help.

Be successful and positive

Ali Farahani Majd

100 customer-oriented commendation

Attending the conference of one hundred customer-oriented units and being selected as one of the leading companies based on social responsibility and innovation

Awarding the title of the best manager in 2022

Attending the festival to select the manager of the year based on the production of steel products, and being selected as one of the top companies in this conference

Winning the third place of the volleyball team
Atlas Gen

Winning the third place in the league of volleyball clubs of Georgia in 2020, which was achieved by the Atlas Gen team.

Acquiring the ISO 9001/2015 standard

The most widely used standards developed by the ISO international organization and Iran’s qualification certification system (with the title of ISO 9001, 2015 edition)

Acquiring the ISO 14001 standard

Obtaining ISO 14001 from Iran’s certification system and ISO international organization for environmental requirements and commercial reputation

Acquiring the ISO 10000 GMP standard

Receiving the ISO 10000 standard from the series of international standards in connection with the quality management of the Technical Committee and ISO TC 176

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