Just as the increase in production and job creation in the country is very important, the quality of product production is also one of the most important issues in the country. Because the quality of construction products has a direct relationship with people’s lives and property. For this purpose, the public relations of Golestan Atlas Steel Company had a short talk with Dr. Ali Farahani Majed, the chairman of the board of directors and the owner of Golestan Atlas Steel Company.

Dr. Farahani Majed said about the most important distinction of this company’s products from other similar companies: “Currently, a large number of companies, especially Golestan Atlas Steel Company, produce very good and first-class products, and their activity is admirable from this point of view. The most important difference between our company and these collections is the use of modern technology and German and European devices. Golestan Atlas Steel Company takes the lead in rebar production in Golestan province, and despite the high quality and volume of production, it has the ability to supply the domestic market of cities and the whole country.

He also added: “For this reason, we are trying to develop our product market by employing professional and expert workforce, and if we achieve our desired goals, we will export our products to foreign markets, especially the markets of neighboring countries.” Naturally, as our production capacity increases, the number of customers will also increase.”

The owner of Golestan Atlas Steel Company explained about the problems he is facing: “The most important problem we are currently facing is the issue of gas in the region. Since our production requires a large amount of gas, the gas administration of the province is not willing to provide it. On the other hand, the amount of electricity we need and consume is high, and when there is a power cut, many problems arise for us. In such a situation, we face furnace shutdown and it takes about a week to turn it back on.”

Farahani Majed reminded: “Some problems, such as embargo and import restrictions, come back to the general conditions of the economy, and not only our company, but also other companies have faced major problems. For example, due to currency price fluctuations and existing sanctions, the supply of electronic and mechanical parts of the production line is associated with problems.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Golestan Atlas Steel Company said about interactions with other companies active in this industry: “Golestan Atlas Steel Company, with its serious activity in the field of commerce, has met the needs of many companies for goods and cooperates with a number of companies in order to provide the products they need. . Naturally, these interactions help to continue the production activities of the company and other groups in line with the jump in production and increase in non-oil exports. Our basic goal is to satisfy customers with the way the company provides services, so that we can have stable interactions with them, and of course, to achieve this goal, we have to be patient.”

Golestan Atlas Steel Company is one of the subsidiary companies of the Atlas Group, which has gained a lot of fame due to the supply of high-quality products to the market and is considered one of the prominent brands in the country in the field of rebar production. According to development plans and plans for Golestan Atlas Steel Company, the company’s products will be exported to foreign markets in the near future. It should be mentioned that, currently, about 300,000 tons of rebar are produced in this company and it has directly created jobs for 200 people. Golestan Atlas Steel Company is working in two shifts and while complying with the standards for the production of high-quality rebar, it complies with all the standards for the production of this product in the country.

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